Who We Are

Established in 2005, Khogali & Shoush Intl is a brand that stands for cultural diversity, mass communication and collective development. With a knowledge driven, ethics based, moral perspective, K&S drives mass communication through various media and initiatives in order to develop businesses and communities at large. Khogali & Shoush Intl is a multi client agency that owns, manages and represents three subsidiaries; Studio1 Productionz (a Multimedia production house), In The City Sudan (City guide to Khartoum over several media) and Makaan Arts & Culture (Events, festivals, exhibitions and workshops management firm).

Our Mission

K&S is committed to expanding the knowledge-based economy in Africa by investing in initiatives that empower consumers with access to data, information, development tools, communication platforms and knowledge-based learning.

Our Vision

K&S aims to be a driving force in the media and mass communication fields in Sudan and beyond. The Group will grow its base through horizontal integration, including geographical expansion into Africa and the Middle East; and through vertical integration to enhance and expand the core business fields. K&S will work to develop its consumers and community through its core values of empowerment, leadership, quality, collaboration and integrity. We believe that informed consumers will always make the right choices. K&S is deeply committed to sharing and disseminating information, as well as, supporting initiatives and providing consultancy that develops public sector, private sector and individual capacities.